International Guitar Month

International Guitar Month (IGM) was created in 1987 as an annual celebration of guitars and guitar products. Each April, GAMA and NAMM sponsor International Guitar Month to help retailers create interest in their stores, attract new customers and develop loyalty.

In the past, International Guitar Month has included point of purchase retail promotions in the form of IGM kits. Music retailers could order Kits that included: sample merchandise and concepts for IGM activities and events. IGM tee-shirts, posters, and IGM logo were also made available to music retailers.

Many GAMA Members are promoting product specials using the IGM theme to help create dealer excitement. But you don’t have to be a GAMA member to use the IGM theme—it’s free to all. A new logo was recently created and made available for any guitar retailer or guitar community group to use and show participation in IGM.

For more information on using International Guitar Month to help promote your products as a manufacturer or as a retailer, please contact GAMA at