Guitar-Products Manufacturers Expected to Contribute Over $350K to Guitar Education Program

New York, NY, May 1, 2013 – In preparation for the upcoming 2013 Teaching Guitar Workshops, the Guitar and Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA), has called on its members to supply program attendees with instruments and accessories.

Every school music educator who trains at the Teaching Guitar Workshop will receive a guitar, method books, strings, guitar picks, tuners, capos, straps, strap buttons, software, magazine subscriptions, machine heads, guitar care kits, iPod apps, and other guitar products courtesy of the members of GAMA. Sampling these products enables the Workshop attendees to learn and why playing and teaching guitar is such a dynamic and rewarding experience.

In 2012, in-kind contributions of guitars, books, and accessories from GAMA members had a total retail value of over $300,000. Because the number of Workshop sites will increase this year, it is expected that in-kind donations for the 2013 program will be worth over $350,000.

“We are thrilled to be part of GAMA’s Teaching Guitar Workshop program,” commented Janet Godin, of Godin Guitars. “Our annual contribution of guitars goes a long way in getting more students involved in school music programs. Each year’s contribution has the ripple effect of getting thousands of students learning guitar in the schools and creating thousands of new guitar players along the way.”

For guitar companies, the Teaching Guitar Workshops program is a grassroots promotional opportunity that helps firms build brand equity and gain loyal customers. In addition, with the Workshops located in nine cities around the United States and Canada, GAMA is attempting to maximize the education community’s exposure to classroom-guitar programs.

Download the Press Release:GAMA Product Contributions 2013

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