GITC-Oakland-2012_webNew York, NY, April 1, 2013 – The Guitar and Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA) recently awarded a special grant to Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) for 2013. The funds will be used: to build grant-writing capacity, to develop new curriculum, and to continue work on a new earned-income model.

GAMA’s grants to GITC have traditionally supported long-term and sustainable goals. GITC has used the GAMA’s funds to build new relationships, find new funding streams, and to test new concepts that aim to put the organization on a sustainable track.

GAMA has worked with GITC in its mission to train general classroom teachers to integrate music and music making across the academic curriculum since 2001. “GAMA is proud of its long partnership with GITC,” said Rob Sulkow, Executive Director of GAMA. “The organization cultivates music awareness in innovative ways and adds value to the guitar industry.”

“GAMA’s leadership and generosity continue to inform and strengthen the work of Guitars in the Classroom,” explains GITC founder and executive director, Jessica Baron. “Together we are building a new bridge between music educators and classroom teachers so they can join hands and work together to bring the full benefit of music education and music integration into schools around the country. Children thrive academically, socially and emotionally when they receive musical training as both an artistic medium and a modality for learning across the curriculum and bonding with their teachers and peers. We at Guitars in the Classroom are immensely grateful to GAMA for sharing this vision and working with us toward achieving it.”

In recent years, numerous GAMA-member firms signed on as sponsors of GITC and served as Board members for GITC. “The D’Addario Foundation has been a proud supporter of Guitars in the Classroom since its inception and, in recent years, I have had the opportunity to serve on their board of directors,” said Peter D’Addario of D’Addario & Co. “With a small budget and tremendous, mostly, volunteer workforce, GITC exposes thousands of children each year to instruction through music by putting guitars in the hands of classroom teachers. GITC and GAMAs missions are similar and both serve to grow the community of guitar players and instructors.”

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