The Guitar and Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA) recently launched an updated website for classroom-guitar teachers. The new site features blogs, articles, tips & tricks and also GAMA member content.

The website aims to complement GAMA’s successful Teaching Guitar Workshops program through which it trains school music educators to start classroom-guitar programs. The site is intended to help teachers be even more successful at teaching guitar. Early tests of the site indicate that teachers are hungry for resources that help them enhance their guitar programs.

GAMA decided to launch a more comprehensive site in order to give teachers year-round access to information and tools to make their careers better. GAMA has trained over 3000 teachers, who have taught guitar to 1.28 million students. By giving these teachers more resources they will be empowered to have an even greater impact.

“Our metrics show us the site is popular with teachers.”, said Robert Sulkow, GAMA’s Executive Director. “Our teachers came to us and said that they wanted more resources; GAMA responded by putting a wealth of knowledge at their finger tips. In addition, teachers who are curious about teaching guitar can now get an idea of what is involved. All this adds up to more people making music with guitars and more shared value.”

Future plans for the website include more content and audience development, specifically: video footage, more blogging, success stories, and GAMA member integration.

Download the Press Release: GAMA_Press Release_New GuitarEduNet

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