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GAMA’s Teaching Guitar Workshop program has been bringing guitar education to schools for almost twenty years. See the phenomenal social and economic results the program is having.

– Teaching Guitar Workshops was created by members of GAMA, NAMM, and NAfME in an effort to create a foothold for guitar in schools. The program was piloted in 1995 with three sites for 71 school music educators. Today, over 3,200 school music educators have atttended Teaching Guitar Workshops.

– NAfME is a music educator association with 40,000 members. NAfME provides a valuable channel to reach out to school music educators. All TGW attendees must be NAfME members.
– GAMA provides guitars, books, and accessories to the TGW attendees. In 2010, 327 teachers attended TGW. Over 300 guitars, more than 3000 books, thousands of strings, hundreds of tuners, straps, capos, and picks were shipped in the U.S. and Canada.
– Duquesne University provides graduate credits to TGW attendees. The credits help teachers become re-certified.
– GAMA, NAMM and firms such as AIMM, Guitar Center, and Sam Ash have sponsored TGW to the tune of $1.83 million since 1995. Without these funds, the program would not run.

Student Impact
GAMA estimates that over 1.28 million students have received guitar instruction because of the Teaching Guitar Workshops and 140,000 more students will receive training during the 2013 – 14 school year.
– 92.5% of the teachers said that their students wish to continue playing guitar
– 96.25% of the teachers said that their students were engaged.
– 82.5% said that guitar class attracts, so-called, “at-risk” kids.

Teacher Impact
– 96.25% of the teachers who taught in 2011 – 12 said that they reached students who were not previously involved in school music.
– 92.5% of teachers say that the administration supports and approves of their program.

Guitar Industry Impact
GAMA is a trade association whose activities are designed to grow the market for guitar products.

According to GAMA’s 2011 research, the average GAMA-trained teacher taught 65 kids per year. Each year, we factor in attrition to the ranks of our teachers, but the remaining teachers move on to teach another 65 students/year. So, since 1995 we still have some of our original teachers teaching. All this means that GAMA still derives value from the investment it made in 1995 and every year since.

GAMA estimates that, between student and school spending, the program has influenced over $167M in sales of guitar products (a 9100 percent return on investment). In 2011, TGW-related spending represented one cent of every dollar in revenues in the U.S. guitar industry.

GAMA has effectively taught over 1.28M children how to play guitar. In the next five years, if GAMA acts aggressively, that number will climb to over 2M students! Those numbers can increase provided there is investment; conversely, those numbers will fall if GAMA does not continue to teach more teachers.

Guitar Industry Impact II
Don H trained at the Teaching Guitar Workshops. The only prerequisite for his guitar class is that students must have a guitar at home so that they can practice. If we place a $100 price tag on each of those guitars, Don is generating $10,000 for the guitar industry every year that he teaches.

Guitar Industry Impact III
GHS Strings worked with Greg B, a local school music teacher, to help him attend a Teaching Guitar Workshop. Greg’s program took off; kids line up to take his guitar class. His program is helping kids learn music and help deliver economic value to local businesses.

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