Inside Track Joins GAMA

Evan Skopp - Inside Track

Inside Track is the newest member of GAMA. Evan Skopp, the company’s founder, is a music industry veteran and a Past-President of GAMA.

After 20 years overseeing Seymour Duncan’s global OEM sales efforts, Evan Skopp is transitioning from an employee of the Santa Barbara-based pickup giant, to an independent sales rep. His new company, Inside Track, is a rep firm specializing in the global sales of OEM musical instrument products. Inside Track’s first client is Seymour Duncan. Inside Track will handle worldwide OEM sales for Duncan along with their acoustic guitar-centric affiliate, D-TAR.

At various times during Skopp’s tenure at Seymour Duncan, he headed the company’s Sales, Marketing, and Product Development efforts. He oversaw several brand extensions and, under his watch, OEM Sales increased nearly 20-fold.

Says Skopp, “My years at Seymour Duncan have been a great and rewarding experience, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing the company’s brands grow over the last 20 years, as well as the brands of many of our great OEM customers.”

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