Fretted-instrument product companies, join GAMA. Industry growth won’t happen alone!

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Reasons to Join GAMA
1. Driving Sales: GAMA has influenced over $167 million dollars in sales of guitars and guitar products. Teachers/schools buy guitar products and grow the market for guitar products.
2. Teaching Kids Guitar: GAMA estimates that it will bring guitar instruction to over 140,000 kids in 2013.
3. Giving Back to Music: Without new players, the guitar industry would be like a forest without trees. GAMA puts money back into the system and helps people become musicians.
4. Investing: Just like you would invest in your own future, you need to invest in your industry. GAMA has returned over $90 for every dollar that has been spent on its Teaching Guitar Workshops.
5. Building Loyalty: GAMA programs help build loyalty with music teachers and a sense of partnership. We are all really in this together!
6. Communicating Success: GAMA communicates success stories about its programs and members to the industry and dealers across the country.
7. Be a Part of Something Bigger: The GAMA logo on your website identifies your company as an active contributor to school music.
8. Industry Leadership: GAMA programs help to shape the industry and guide its direction.
9. Networking: GAMA is great for forging ongoing business relationships.
10. Strategic Partnerships: GAMA works closely with its partners NAMM and NAfME to deliver strong programs that build the industry.

The way to grow the market is through solidarity and collaboration. GAMA has helped over 3000 teachers start or enhance classroom guitar programs, we have started over 1.28 million kids on guitar, and, while we were at it, we generated $167 million dollars in sales for the industry. We did it by working together.