Meet Ben Ryan of CapoSonic

BenRyan72CapoSonicBen Ryan of CapoSonic, a guitar accessories startup out of Santa Barbara, California recently joined GAMA. The following is a brief introduction to Ben and his new CapoSonic.

What is your new product?
A revolutionary, new guitar accessory and educational tool, that provides the warm, rich sounds of open tuning yet uses standard and familiar chords, scales, fingerings and patterns. The patent pending CapoSonic technology enables an exponential number of unique chord configurations.

So, you’re a musician turned inventor. Can you elaborate on this?
I’ve been involved in music since I started playing the trumpet in 2nd grade. We had a piano in the house growing up. At 15, I got into the guitar and open tuning. Music has always been an important part of my life. I’m a musician, creative thinker, and entrepreneur with a successful track record in management with major corporations.

I started and worked with a number of successful businesses in the creative fields of communication/arts, entertainment, computer graphics and aerospace. Now, I’m dedicated to the longevity and creativity in music – as a whole and to the success of CapoSonic.

Where are you with your invention at this point?
We are in the “homestretch” of the engineering phase and refinement cycle for manufacturing.

You attended the NAMM show. Tell us about your experience.
While at the NAMM Show, I met many great people doing wonderful things. The show was huge and really quite overwhelming. There were so many options of things to do – it was impossible to do everything! The music was everywhere – in the lobbies, in the booths, in the minds and hearts of everyone! I enjoyed every moment however, it reminded me how much energy it takes to get through every day at trade shows. For the next time, I will try to take more advantage of the seminars, films and morning meetings. It does appear to be 24 hour for 5 days! I am sure there is more that I just didn’t come across!

What are you goals one year out? What about 3 – 5 years out?
My goals are to successfully launch the product on a global basis, and support the educational aspects for teaching guitar to all, especially youth. I am looking to “give back” and dedicate my life to all phases of music. I am looking to successfully realize and manifest a dream.

How do see GAMA helping you achieve those goals?
I am interested in (GAMA’s) educational efforts and would like to support them. I am interested in collaboration with other members in a win-win synergistic model where we can help each other and do great things.

Meet Ben Ryan of CapoSonic

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