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Based in Helsinki, Finland, Musopia Ltd is a mobile app development firm dedicated to creating fresh and innovative music apps. The name of the company, Musopia, comes from the words Music + Utopia.

Founded in 2011, Musopia is an iOS developer company, the founders of which include serial entrepreneurs, a lawyer who specializes in music and a former Nokia executive who was responsible for the mobile phone manufacturer’s music service. Of course, nearly everyone in the staff plays guitar.

“Our mission is to unite people with music,” says the CEO and founder Topi Löppönen. ” Our apps open things up and make learning music accessible to more people. The ubiquity of mobile devices combine with innovative interface design and programming prowess to fundamentally change the way human beings learn music. Now they can learn to play their favorite songs in a faster, more entertaining way. “

Musopia created FourChords Guitar Karaoke app as an instant solution for aspiring guitarists who are eager to play their favorite songs already at the early stage in their guitarist career. According to Musopia there is a problem with the traditional method of learning to play guitar for some students. “It can be so difficult and time-consuming that it gets frustrating,” says Musopia co-founder Paula Lehto. “A significant number of people give up, and we want to prevent that by showing them a faster way to get to the fun part. We´ve received a lot of feedback from teachers in the U.S. and other countries saying that the app is really helping them to engage groups in making music. We think GAMA is doing incredible job in coaching the teachers and we are super proud to be in this group.”

Musopia shares the mission of GAMA as they wish the world to be full of guitar players. They are ready to do their best in supporting teachers and getting beginner guitarists engaged with their new instrument.

FourChords App is downloadable for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in the App Store:
The app is free to download with several sample songs. More songs can be chosen by buying individual songs, songpacks or subscription of the entire songbook (250 + songs).

For more information on FourChords Guitar Karaoke App, visit, where you can download Chord Charts for free.

Contact: Paula Lehto, CMO, Musopia Ltd,, tel. +358 500 436 025

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