Teach Guitar

GAMA and its partners NAfME and Duquesne University have been training school music educators to start classroom guitar programs since 1995. Find out how you or a teacher you know can sign up to attend a Teaching Guitar Workshop.

A Few Reasons to Start Teaching a Classroom Guitar Program:
More kids – New students get involved in school music without taking children away from existing band, orchestra, and choir program.
More Value – Classroom guitar programs expand a teacher’s offering making them more valuable to the schools.
Less Cost – Classroom guitar programs are affordable and easy to start.
Very Musical – Teachers can use guitar to teach all of the fundamentals of music.
Great for Improv – Guitar is great for teaching composition and improvisation.
Guitar Makes Your School Ring Out – Parents want their kids to take music in school; guitar can differentiate a school and give it a competitive advantage.
Parental Involvement – Parents get involved when their kids express an interest in music (and kids really get interested in guitar!).