What Does Classroom Guitar Look Like – Watch it Here

Matt Gerry’s Salina South MS guitar class had its first gig! They performed for the Kansas Regional Teachers of the Year.

Just two things worried Matt….

“1. I have a new batch of students – so these kids have only played sinced Jan. 2. Our concert is kind of basic. Although…I did bring back two students from last semester to be featured soloist on a couple of songs. Kind of stacking the deck….but I’ll use their performance with us to help introduce improvisation. Once this semester’s students get to see these past student improvise solos…they will be curious to learn how to do the same. It works out well.

“2. I have twice as many students as I’ve ever had. So I’m loading a bus with 52 middle school guitar players. They’re a wonderful group of kids…but whenever they outnumber me 52:1 I get a little nervous. We’ll have a great time though!”

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