Welcome to GAMA

An Association for the Guitar Industry

The Guitar & Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA) is a trade association comprised of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of guitars and guitar-related products.

GAMA’s mission is to bring together and grow the guitar community by promoting greater access to learning and playing guitar. The group’s purpose is to stimulate the market and serve the guitar industry.


  • You’ll be in great company – GAMA member businesses account for $6.79 billion of the music products industry and represent over 130 guitar products brands, big and small.
  • Grow the industry through solidarity – GAMA has helped over 1.28 million people learn guitar, and generated more than $167 million dollars in sales for the industry. We did it by working together.
  • Shape the future of the guitar market – Many of GAMA’s programs focus on guitar education. Each year we help many thousands of children learn to play; they are your future customers.
  • Invest in your industry – GAMA dues are an investment. We fund programs that seed the market guaranteeing a robust future for the guitar industry.