Teaching Guitar Workshops: 

Revolution in Music Education

The Teaching Guitar Workshops were started by members of GAMANAMM and NAfME in 1995. The objective: help school music educators start or enhance classroom guitar programs and deliver more music making opportunities to children. Between 1995 and today over 4,000 school music teachers across the United States and Canada have enjoyed TGW. GAMA’s studies suggest that over 2 million students have learned guitar in schools because of the TGW. (Download the Independent Audit of the Teaching Guitar Workshops) The program succeeded because it has created value for everyone involved.


1. Classroom guitar teachers attract new students to music education.
2. Guitar can fill up a teaching schedule.
3. Music education is in demand and recruiting is easy.
4. Guitar programs are inexpensive to start and maintain.
5. Many teachers report increased job security since starting guitar programs.


Classroom guitar programs attract kids who were not previously involved in school music. Guitar programs have also helped “at-risk” kids get more involved in school and improve their performance.

Guitar Industry: 

More classroom guitar programs mean more sales. Kids and schools need guitars, books, and all sorts of accessories.If you are a school music educator and you would like to learn how to start a classroom guitar program in your school visit our www.guitaredunet.org for information and applications. Visit the Sponsor page to find out which companies and organizations support the Teaching Guitar Workshops. If you would like to become a sponsor of the Teaching Guitar Workshops, email: webmaster@guitaredunet.org.

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