GAMA Member Benefits

Meetings that are on the pulse of the guitar industry – GAMA meetings feature key players from the industry. We have hosted speakers from Guitar Center, Sam Ash, eBay, NASMD and more.

  • Marketing channels that build brand loyalty – Reach many thousands of guitar players and educators through GAMA’s Classroom Guitars eNewsletters and
  • Networking events that are a Who’s Who of the Guitar Industry – You will find all of the industry’s top leaders and executives at GAMA events.
  • Brand Differentiation – Membership identifies your company as an active advocate of school music.
  • Newsletters for the guitar industry – Members receive news about the industry, policy and arts legislation.
  • Legislation where it counts – GAMA is the voice of the guitar industry to groups like the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the Music Education Policy Roundtable (MEPR).

The way to grow the market is through solidarity and collaboration. GAMA has helped over 3500 teachers start or enhance classroom guitar programs, we have started over 1.28 million kids on guitar, and, while we were at it, we generated $167 million dollars in sales for the industry. We did it by working together.