GAMA is excited to welcome three new members in the first half of 2019!

Guitar Crate sends strings to you every month, plus everything else you will need to jam out. No more trying to find a music store open at 8 PM after work. No more forgetting to get a new pair and playing on that rusty set one more time. Just let us worry about getting the goods to you. ​Think of it like a gym membership for your instrument.

The best part is that we throw in extras every month. Think awesome surprise meets how did I ever play guitar before without this. We look for what we would want to use and we send it to you. With Guitar Crate, nothing else stands in the way of being the best player you can be.

Guitar Crate is all about helping players build strong relationships with their instrument. This isn’t some random collection of guitar stuff you may not want or need. This is the thoughtful selection of useful, valuable tools that any guitarist can use. We hope you find some discoveries in every crate that help you grow as a musician.

Westheimer® Corporation was founded by Jack Westheimer in 1959. As a musical instrument industry leader and innovator, Westheimer created and/or enhanced brands such as Mighty Mite®, Cort®, Cortez®, Groove Tools®, Stella®, Kingston®, Harmony®, and Teisco®– to name just a few.  More information regarding the history of Westheimer Corporation can be found in an article published by Vintage Guitar Magazine (

Mighty Mite® is known as the original parts company with replacement parts to “hot rod” a guitar, particularly with respect to guitar necks and brass replacement parts. It was founded in the early 1970s by Randy Zacuto. Westheimer gained ownership of the Mighty Mite® trademark in 1982 and was reintroduced by Westheimer Corporation at the Anaheim NAMM show in 1991 as a supplier of replacement guitar necks, bodies and other universal parts. Currently, Mighty Mite® supplies replacement bodies, necks, pick-ups and parts for guitars made around the world.  Mighty Mite® is one of only a few companies to have a license with Fender® Musical Instrument Co. to sell replacement necks using the Fender® head stock shape.

Created as an alternate way to play guitar quicker, easier, and less painful, the Rock-iT Barre is amazingly versatile!  Here are just a few features:

  • Play guitar as a beginner or with arthritis
  • Only takes 1 hour to  start playing a full song
  • Eliminates finger soreness
  • Plays all major and minor  chords (plus more advanced)
  • Fits ANY guitar or ukulele
  • Easy enough for a child to use
  • Focus on learning guitar strums and picking
  • Arthritics and  people with a missing  finger can easily  customize it