There are any number of reasons for teachers to start a guitar program; number one on the list is getting more students to become music makers. But what about convincing your principal that classroom guitar is a great idea.

1. $how Me the Money!!!


Setting up a guitar class can cost a fraction of what a band or orchestra class can cost. A tuba will run you $3000+, you can easily buy 25 guitars for that price (without an educator discount).

2. Follow-Up on Recorder


Your little students have played recorder, get them onto a stringed instrument where they can play chords and single note lines. Guitar is an excellent gateway instrument.

3. Guitar and Singing Are a Perfect Marriage.


Guitar is versatile; it can be a lead instrument or provide accompaniment for singers or a choir. So, let’s say your school does not have a piano or you don’t have a piano in your rehearsal room. Your guitar players are easy to get around.

4. Rich Music History

Img: wikimedia – EL_JALEO-SINGER.jpg

Guitar is a great way of exploring Spanish music, Cowboy tunes, Blues, Appalachian Folk, and early Rock n’ Roll.

Get Guitar in Your School


Deadline for Registration is May 15th!