I give up…It’s too cold…This winter is never going to end! When you open your door and see a wall of snow at least you have your guitar. If you’re not in Boston, you might be braving the cold and going to school. Here are a bunch of songs to try out with your kids. They’re all great, simple and your students will love you forever for teaching them these incredible winter songs!

Let It Go

This is a great song and I guarantee your students will worship you once you teach it to them. The chords are mostly open except for a Bm and a Bb. We got you covered though; just tell the class to use power chords for those two. You can play the full barre chords – fingers and hands permitting.

White Winter Hymnal

This Fleet Foxes song is reminiscent of folk, but also the big wall of sound. The guitar part is easy as long as your students can manage barre chords. If not play the chords using power chords (try it with three fingers instead of two – it will bring your class that much closer to barre chords). If you need a hand with this concept, check out Rob Pethel’s video.

Angel In The Snow

Elliott Smith wrote fragile and emotional songs. When your teenage students read the lyrics and play these easy chords, they’ll say, “This guy really knows me!” And, they’ll have their guitar teacher to thank for it.

Cold Cold Ground

If your students have never heard Tom Waits before, you might want to prepare them. Waits’ voice makes gravel look like polished silver. His raspy voice is 2nd only to his song writing ability. This song might be morose, but who cares because the chords are so simple! It’s also a great song to teach your kids about the relative minor.

Hazy Shade of Winter

Most of these chords can be played in open position, but you’re going to need to barre Bb (or at least a power chord). It’s cold out there! Tell your kids to stay in, stay warm and practice their barre chords.

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