Whether students bring in their own or the school supplies them, every music teacher needs a practical way to protect, store and preserve their guitars.

For classrooms that need to store 20-30 guitars at a time, taking them out quickly and easily for each class can be a logistical nightmare and a waste of valuable instructional time. However, when guitars are left to lean against walls or lie on the floor eventually one or more guitars ends up damaged – not an option when you have a limited budget!

From inside the classroom to end of the year performances, different situations call for different solutions in storage and protection. Here are five storage solutions for you.

Hard-Shell Cases
Guitar Coffin
If only we all had such a comfy beds! Guitars look and feel at home in a hard-shell case. A good case will provide great protection from damage and some (not all) environmental issues. If you intend to throw your guitars in a closet after each school day, think hard-shells.

Wall Hangers

Music stores do it, why not classrooms? These wall hangers from D&A gently and securely cradle instruments and get them off the floor! The D&A hangers mount easily to the floor and are even earthquake proof in case shaking, rattling or rolling. D&A hangers also accommodate different guitar necks so you’re set whether you have classics or electrics. Finally, starting your day and finishing your day takes seconds!

Gig Bags
If you’re looking for a solution that will help you in class and out, you want to look at gig bags. Gig bags tend to be lighter and more transportable than hard-shell cases. Some gig bags allow players to wear their guitars like a backpack, and some are made so durable, they’re stronger than some hard-shell cases! In addition, gig bags tend to have a significant amount of pocket space for carrying all of your bells and whistles like strings, cables, picks – maybe even a guitar pedal or two.

Guitar Stands

Guitar stands are an awesome solution for the classroom (especially if you have a lot of noodling guitarists). D&A also makes guitar stands that are beautifully designed, ultra-compact, lightweight, and intuitive so they can easily integrate into the musician’s and their teacher’s workflow.

Guitar Racks

Question: Where am I going to put my 20 guitars? Answer: Put them on a Twenty Guitar Rack – simple. These racks from GuitarStorage.com were made with the guitar classroom in mind! The company specializes in storage for multiple guitars and has develped a number of storage solutions. This beauty even has wheels and will make starting and ending the school day a breeze!

Full Disclosure: D&A and GuitarStorage.com are awesome companies that help us make the Teaching Guitar Workshops possible.

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