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Coming up with new and exciting ways to deliver lessons is part of your job as a music teacher. But even the most innovative teachers occasionally get bored of their own material, or simply run out of time. Don’t worry; there’s an app for that! Actually, there are thousands (At least hundreds.). Here are 6 great ones:1. Soundslice
Something that’s a challenge for new musicians is to hear music when they see it on a sheet. In fact, if they haven’t learned to read music yet, they simply won’t. Soundslice is a well-reviewed app that allows you hear the music you are reading: http://www.soundslice.com/

2. Tab Toolkit

There are many good websites dedicated to tabs but Tab Toolkit allows you the flexibility to access, add and purchase tabs and sheet music, all for 99 cents: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tabtoolkit/id325946571?mt=8

3. Guitar Toolkit
…and another smash hit app by the makers of Tab Toolkit, Guitar Toolkit provides a metronome, tuner scales and more for your guitar (or other stringed instrument). Here’s a review/demo:

4. Garageband
Garageband brought music composition and recording to the masses. It’s amazing what you can do with this intuitive app – and amazing to see what your students can do:

5. Perfect Ear 2
The follow-up to Perfect Ear Pro, Perfect Ear 2 is an interactive music theory tool. Through dozens of tests with multiple choice questions, musicians-in-training develop a keen eye and ear for the language of music:

6. Finger Stomp
A fun way to teach rhythm – something every aspiring musician will need in spades – Finger Stomp allows you to press or “stomp” down on your iPad into a street scene of beat-ready percussion. Check it out here: