Matt-Gerry_webA Day in the Life – Teaching Middle School Guitar

John Lennon sings …

“I read the news today oh, boy 
About a lucky man who made the grade”

I start this blog today as a very lucky man.  One who has been fortunate enough to have found a line of work that makes me truly feel as though I have “made the grade”.  Every morning I arise and am eager to teach middle schoolers.  There’s a sentence that is certainly not spelled out very often, but none the less, it is true.

I have been teaching middle school music for ten years in a public school in Salina, KS. My journey has taken me places that I would have never dreamed!  I have met people who I would have never dreamed of meeting!  But most importantly, I have played a part in helping to develop thousands of students who have been through my classroom doors simply by sharing my love of music.

As this January begins, I would like to take you through a semester of my guitar classes.  I hope to share our successes and failures;  Our triumphs and struggles.  And in the process, share ways of teaching what I feel is the most incredible tool for tapping into a teenager’s creativity – the guitar.