In these videos TGW Clinician, Rob Pethel takes us through finding the bass note, power chords, major chords, and barre chords. These videos can easily be turned into 6 weeks of lesson plans. Add a song or two and you’re golden!

Bassline Scavenger Hunt

A great and fun exercise that knocks off a lot of birds with one stone. Use this exercise to:
1. Teach your students the notes on the E string.
2. Get your kids playing bass lines.
3. Get the low-down on barre chords.
4. Build up speed and precision.

Teaching Power Chords

If you can play Rob’s bass note scavenger hunt exercise, this one will be a cinch! The bass note is the motorcycle, the ring finger is the sidecar. Where the motorcycle goes, so does the sidecar – gotta love it!

Building the Power Chord

Playing Barre Chords is physically demanding. Build up to it from the bass note, to the power chord, the power chord with three fingers, the E major shape, to a barre chord. If some of your students have trouble, have them play the bass note. A great idea for classes with differing abilities!

Completing the Barre Chord

You found the bass notes, played the power chord, put down your middle finger…now just lay your finger across the B and E strings and you’re done!

Barre Chord – Bottom to Top

Putting it all together, Rob takes the class through the bass note, power chord, add the pinky, add the middle, lay it down…you’re done! Get Guitar in Your School with Teaching Guitar Workshops – www.GuitarEduNet.org