Guitars In The Classroom (GITC) (or “git-see” for short) provides free music integration classes for educators and school staff working with children of all ages in educational settings.They show teachers  how to make music, lead music for learning and how to write songs with students in order to enhance and deepen their learning experience in every subject area. GITC classroom teachers also learn effective ways to arrange songs for satisfying musical participation. Integrating music helps students learn everything from English and math, to science, physical education, social studies, visual arts and more!

Now, GITC has openings for music educators to become GITC Teacher Trainers. Have a look at this in depth description and if you find you are interested, please write to GITC founder Jessica Baron at

GITC Teacher Trainers are easy going, adaptable, non-perfectionist, warm and encouraging people who want to help adults working with children find their way into making music and leading songs for learning for the first time in their lives.

GITC Teacher Trainers teach classroom teachers, specialists and other educationally involved adults – most of whom consider themselves to be shower singers- to acquire real LIFELONG musicality. This process requires patience, compassion, creativity, and TIME.

GITC Teacher Trainers help future classroom music leaders become the musical people they want to be. They are all about the individuals in their classes. They view the teaching relationship as a mutually educational experience, learning much from the people in their classes and from the experience of helping adults without musical experience develop self confidence and leadership skills.

GITC Teacher Trainers are not “performers” even if they have a background as performers. They are in a GITC classroom to serve others and get others to make music rather than showing how it’s done. The work requires selflessness and creativity in service of the teachers who are learning. Artists who are wonderful teachers can accomplish this if they are happy filling the teacher spotlight as a true facilitator, listener and empowering presence.

GITC Teacher Trainers LISTEN to the teachers they are training very closely, supporting them to explore their thoughts and feelings about becoming music makers and musical leaders. They instill the ability to feel music naturally, make music by ear with the use of our open tuning methodology, and they give teachers theory and technique in service of developing their inner musicality.

GITC Teacher Trainers understand lesson planning and the use of subject related content standards. They make musical learning relevant and effective for classroom teachers who must integrate songs to teach language arts, math, science, social studies, and more.

GITC Teacher Trainers teach lyric writing to familiar melodies in order to deepen academic learning through songs. In this role, they model for classroom teachers how to facilitate collaborative student songwriting in groups of all sizes.

GITC Teacher Trainers elicit ideas for songs and lessons based on what the participants in their class need and request. They build the curriculum to fit the people- and impending academic lessons- in the room. With children, this approach is called Child Emergent Curriculum.

GITC Teacher Trainers teach everything from basic beat keeping and hearing pitch to singing relatively in tune with supportive singing and breathing techniques. They train teachers to lead songs using tried and true techniques such as Call and Response singing, unison singing, and in parts of all kinds. This is truly music instruction for the adult first time musician.

GITC Teacher Trainers teach acoustic guitar very simply at a peaceful pace that imparts confidence and mastery. We work in Open G tuning for the first two levels of the training classes, using the ease of Open G as a chance to build basic techniques at a stress-free pace.

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