Bill Swick Bio PicThe guitar is a very visual instrument. Unlike a band class, it is possible to see a guitar student making a mistake from a long distance away. It is necessary to listen with both ears and eyes. It is also helpful to have the “short” music stands in the classroom as opposed to the standard height stands.

Students who are sitting in the back row are always amazed at my ability to recognize their mistakes. I am in the habit of looking at the left hands while conducting or leading an exercise. I find it quite easy to see if students are playing on the correct strings, frets, and using the correct fingers.

I also have replaced all of the standard height Manhasset music stands with the “short” Manhasset music stands, model 48C. Students cannot hide behind the short version stands. Also the stands do not block the sound of the guitar. Standard music stands block the sound of the instrument and block the ability to see the hands.

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