Bill Swick Bio PicMotivation happens when the teachers feed the dreams of their students. I find that students are more into performances when I refer to concerts as “shows”.

Most guitar students can (and do) visualize themselves playing an electric guitar in a band, on stage, in front of a large crowd. Many guitar students imagine themselves writing songs and being successful in the recording business and touring.

When I refer to concerts as “shows” and put the show together with the idea that there will be soloists, a specific order of songs, go from one song to the next with little time between each, etc. I also work closely with the theater manager to have lighting that makes our performances seem more like a show than a school guitar concert. I allow students to bring in their own arrangements or song suggestions that I can arrange. By allowing students the opportunity to assist in planning a show, they tend to take ownership, invite more friends to attend, and feel more accomplished when it is over.

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