With tight and fluctuating school budgets, it can feel like an impossible mission to pitch a new idea. This is especially true of arts programming, as music educators know. Interested in starting a guitar program at your school? One way is to sell the powers-that-be on the bottom line: it’s just plain cheaper than other music programs…much! Feel free to use the supporting evidence below:

Single instrument cost comparison

– Cost of one new 3-valve tuba: $3,000-$8,000
– Cost of one new guitar: $100-$300So for the cost of just one tuba, you can supply an entire guitar class with instruments and accessories. For the cost of one tuba, you can also get…one tuba.

Per student vs. Total program
– According to a 2011 study by the Bloomberg, one year of marching band can cost students and their families as much as $7,110.70.
– According to GITC.org, the total program cost of two full-year guitar programs with mentoring costs approximately $9,900.
So for the per-student cost of participating in a top marching band, your school could cover more than 70% of the cost of two full guitar programs.

The BIG bonus
Whereas band and orchestra students tend to be a tight-knit group, the guitar attracts students from a wide range of backgrounds. Importantly, it attracts students who might not traditionally participate in school music programs. There’s the “cool” factor to the guitar, and also the fact that it’s an instrument you can pick up and play anytime, almost anywhere. (the tuba…not so much)