You have decided to start a guitar program in your school, but your administrators look at you like your from Mars when you tell them you want a classroom full of guitar players. No one said this was going to be easy; fortunately one of the greatest things about the guitar is that it never seems out of place. If your school is reluctant to get behind your guitar program, here are some ways to build interest in a grassroots kind-of way.

1. Collaborate with the Choral Director
Ask about choral songs that utilize (or could utilize) guitar and integrate it into concert programming. If you are the choral director, even better; bring your guitar ensemble into a concert with your choir for a huge performance! Not only will you give both classes a great experience, but your audience will grow.

2. Perform the National Anthem with Guitar
There are stand-alone arrangements, or you could simply use a guitar(s) to accompany a vocalist. It might not be Jimi Hendrix, but it might give your guitar ensemble a chance to get in front of the entire school.

3. Have “Mads”?
If your school has a madrigal group, this is a pitch-perfect opportunity to sneak in some Renaissance guitar accompaniment. And if it doesn’t, this might be the perfect time to start one!

4. Boost Orchestral Groups
Here’s one creative way to boost your school’s current orchestral concerts with guitar:

Not only could it attract non-traditional members, it could attract non-traditional concert attendees as well.

5. Hold a “Coffee House” Performance
If you can improvise a small playing space, organize and advertise a coffee house at your school, complete with refreshments. If you get a healthy turnout, it will aid your case significantly.

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