Bob_Teaching_webI actually see two questions here:

1.) How much do student guitars cost?
2.) How much do quality student guitars cost?

The answer to question #1 is: you can find a guitar for $30-50. That’s great! Here comes the BUT, or the answer to question #2: Sometimes you get what you pay for, and, for a little bit more, you can find a quality student guitar.

You can find amazing guitars for $99-$200 at your local guitar store. Most guitar teachers will tell you that purchasing a quality guitar for your students is key. Why? Because a low quality instrument may produce a different sound and potentially cause your students frustration (Which will, in turn, frustrate you!). You want to give your students a chance to hear themselves playing great tones (and you want great tones coming your way).

Talk to the people at your local guitar store. They can certainly point you towards quality instruments and help you hear the difference. There may even be wholesale options for your school. Ideally, you’ll be looking for a guitar with a solid top – meaning just one piece of wood.

Here’s a great How to Buy guide courtesy of Sweetwater that might demystify the experience a little –

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