Bob_Teaching_webYou probably remember the lights go out when a substitute teacher taught your history or science class. A severely outdated movie might have come on; naps and laughter probably resulted.

Don’t let time with a sub become time wasted! To avoid this outcome, arm your sub with a written activity. Remember, learning how to play the guitar is like learning a language. Reading, writing and interpreting the music on a scale is every bit as important as the ability to play. It also won’t throw the kids off-track due to inconsistency in playing/teaching styles.

If left to their own devices, a sub could hand out something that’s a complete waste of time!

But there are some great student worksheets in the teacher manual in your textbook. For example, find something that provides a nice visual of the guitar and all its parts. Here’s a pretty thorough one:


Have the students label a blank diagram and quiz each other. Or, find a worksheet that gets students writing out/filling in rhythms and chords charts without letter names attached. Make every moment count, even when you’re not there.

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