Bill Swick Bio PicOnce a student discovers the “desire for mastery”, s/he is hooked. Students can discover the desire for mastery by attempting to play the simplest melodies.

One of my most interesting observations came from teaching students who attend a behavior school. These students are apathetic about most things in life, and by nature put little importance on education. Before trying to teach note reading, counting, playing from music, etc., I start the class by teaching simple, familiar childhood songs using a form of tablature.

What I have witnessed on a regular basis is students coming into the classroom, getting guitars, and individually playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” one note at a time. Each time a mistake is made the students frequently express their frustration with a superlative. I have learned to overlook this type of expression because I now know that their frustration is created by their newly found desire for mastery.

Once a student demonstrates the “desire for mastery”, they are hooked and ready for more information.

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