Romana_Hartmetz_webWhat are some good warm-ups?
A good warm up for linear movement is the block approach 1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1 in a position on every string or on one string shifting to all positions. I like the l.h. pattern 1234,4321,1434,2434, because it gives extra attention to the 4th finger. Students are usually reluctant to use their 4th finger but with a little practice, the pinky can become their best friend. The “Crawler” is good for crossing strings and can be used as a Free stroke exercise as well. The “Spider” is good for l.h. finger independence. Hammer-ons and Pull-offs (or pull-downs as I like to more accurately call them) are great for developing strength and agility in the l.h. and they sound cool.

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