Bill Swick Bio PicOne of the most frequent questions that get asked early in the school year is, “What equipment is needed to start a guitar class?” Some school districts have what is called “standards” which is a common list that every guitar class receives when a guitar program is formed. Some districts do not have such standards in place for guitar class.
The following is a list of equipment, in no particular order, that can be helpful to have on hand before starting a guitar class. Most administrators do not know what is needed and frequently ask the teacher who is about to teach the class. Frequently, the soon-to-be-guitar-teacher does not have clarity either.
Equipment Wish List for Beginning a Guitar Class
In an ideal situation, the classroom will be equipped with the following:
1) A chair for every student
2) A music stand for every student
3) A foot stool for every student
4) A computer for the purpose of keeping role, grades, etc. with internet access
5) A full-size, classical, nylon-string guitar for every student (you can find great guitars in a lot of price ranges – work with a trusted music dealer). There are many brands to choose from.
6) A year’s worth of replacement strings (Some music dealers will sell you strings in bulk.):

  • 2-3 dozen 1st strings
  • 2-3 dozen 2nd strings
  • 2 dozen 3rd strings
  • 4 dozen 4th strings
  • 2-3 dozen 5th strings
  • 2-3 dozen 6th strings

7) An electric drill with a Turbo Tuner bit for replacing strings
8) An assortment of tools:

  • Flat screwdrivers-various sizes
  • Phillips screwdrivers-various sizes
  • Regular pliers
  • Long-nose pliers
  • An assortment of Allen wrenches
  • Two crescent wrenches
  • Hammer
  • Assortment of nails
  • Electric drill (with Turbo Tuner bit)
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file

9) Assortment of plastic bridges for classical guitar
10) A Guitar Defender for each guitar.
11) Electronic tuners
12) Replacement machine head sets-at least 2
13) An electric drum machine with sound reinforcement
14) A cd player or mp3 player with sound reinforcement

This is an IDEAL list. Try to get as many of these items as you can to make life easier.

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