seifriedQuestion: Music education training is about proper modeling of playing/singing- how do we teach guitar confidently (and in good conscience), if we are very much beginners and not demonstrating good technique/accurate playing?

Answer: Hopefully, you have learned a lot this week about the many resources that are available to you; also, everyone has made great strides in their playing over the course of the week. If you keep at it, your technique and comfort level will continue to improve. Don’t sell yourselves short- as music educators, you know far more about music generally than any of your students. Don’t be intimidated by the kid that walks in and is a great rock player- you know more about how music works, music notation, history, etc. Don’t be afraid to let your students know when you can’t do something- I don’t know much about sweep picking or right hand tapping, for example. I have some students who are really good at it, and I will sit down with them and ask for a quick lesson. Finally- you CAN model enthusiasm, a love of music and a willingness to move “outside your comfort zone” in order to acquire a new skill.