RKS, an award winning Southern Californian design firm that created its own unique and highly regarded line of guitars in 2002, launches D&A Guitar Gear, reinventing the business of guitar accessories.

RKS started with a simple question: “Why can’t there be guitar accessories that look great, work well and protect our instruments—all for a low price?” Unsatisfied with the state of guitar accessories in the market, the team formed a line of products and is placing them directly into the hands of the musicians through their website HeyDNA.com. The quality of the products and their great prices speak for themselves.

As Ravi Sawhney, founder and CEO, puts it, “guitars are some of the most beautiful works of art we have in the world. They are not only beautiful, but provide music to our ears while being the vehicles by which so many great artists have made us smile. We want to show the love and give guitars the respect they deserve while making the players’ lives easier and better in any way we can.”

The D&A team is a collective breed of passionate designers who have had their hands in creating products for Gibson, JBL Pro, Line 6 and Lace among others. The result of this endeavor is a product line with sophisticated aesthetics and reliable functionality that bring a much needed kick of innovation to the guitar accessory market. The D&A GIGSTAND™ is a folding guitar stand that unfolds with the whip of a hand. The D&A HEADLOCK™ self-closing wall hanger offers extra protection to the instrument while creating a mesmerizing effect when its gates appear from what seems like nowhere. The D&A GRIP™ wall hanger simply provides the greatest elegance and reliability, while conveying the pride in displaying a guitar.

Lance Hussey, Design Director at D&A, reminds us that “design is a universal language of today. People not only demand, but expect products that are designed and engineered to perform like a musical instrument. We design for people and make sure that the experience of using our products makes them feel great about the choices they make. It’s what we live for: making every experience better, richer, deeper and simply better.”

D&A is changing up the way the music accessory market has been playing. Musicians can buy directly from the designers via HeyDNA.com, and won’t have to worry about their accessories breaking or wearing down; “we offer a Lifetime Guarantee because we have designed and engineered our products to be rugged, durable, and to last a lifetime.”

D&A Guitar Gear is a brainchild of RKS, a research, strategy and design firm.