It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air – even in the Guitar Classroom! Guitar is a romantic instrument, especially since we can use it to accompany ourselves as we try to woo the ones we love. Best of all: there is no shortage of easy love songs that you can play on guitar. Check out these five songs for your guitar class of love birds.

When a Man Loves a Woman

Here are the chords. Don’t be fooled by chords like “G/B”; that’s just a G major chord with a B in the bass. Notice how the bass line descends smoothly from C, B, A, G, F. Try putting half the class on the bass line and the other half on the upper strings. It’s also a great way to teach a little theory. The I, III, and V make up the chord and you can put I or III & even V in the bass of a chord.

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

The King Baby! Here are the chords. Do you notice anything? C, Em, Am – you can follow that same C, B, A bass line as the song above if you put the B in the bass of Em! Teaching Guitar is so awesome that way. Try this song with finger picking. Your guitar class will get a nice feel for three instead of four – nice change of pace for a bunch guitar player!

You Are So Beautiful to Me

As a guitarist you can decorate these chords with suspensions and major 7ths, but as a guitar teacher you can make these chords extra simple. Have a look: G – C – G – no problem there. Then we have the chorus and there goes that descending bass line again that starts on C and ends on A (must be something about that descending bass that really says love!). This change might be a little tricky in your guitar classroom, but take it apart – have half the class try the bass line and the other class can play lead on the top three strings.

Everything I Do, I Do It For You

Cheese goes right along with Valentine’s Day, so don’t deny you get goose bumps when you hear this song. This guitar anthem will have your class weeping. Fortunately, the chords are easy enough. The best part of this song – for me – is when it ends! No, not that…I love the F to Fm chord change. Guitarists live for this kind of emotion and as a guitar teacher, you’re gonna want to see that.

I Got You Babe

This is such a beautiful song for couples to sing together. And, even if you don’t play guitar all that well, you can work your way through these chords! Have some fun on this one: let one side of the class be Sonny and the other side can be Cher. Your guitar class will have a blast!

You can’t help who you love, just like guitarists can’t help loving guitar. So, teach well and share the love!

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