There has been a lot of talk about TAB on this site – is it legit or not? Your students are using it irrespective of TAB’s legitimacy, so we checked out a bunch of TAB sites to see who is for real and who’s not.

Boasts hundreds of thousands of songs and over 200,000 members in its community. There are almost too many choices here and sometimes it’s hard to find what you want. e.g, I looked for, “Let It Be”, by The Beatles and found chord charts, melody lines, and several other versions. None of the versions had any descriptors.
Payment Model: Free, but you can remove the ads for a fee.

There is a midi playback engine on a lot of songs. You can slow-down or speed up songs. You can easily switch to see TABs for different instruments. TABs can also be printed out easily. Finally, the site has a comprehensive look at how to read TAB
Payment Model: There’s a freemium model in which you can sign up for $9.90/mo. That’s probably too rich for most guitarists’ blood, but I won’t tell you how to spend your money.

This site warns you that they have NOTHING¬†to do with the TABs on the site – huh? Well, Facebook doesn’t write its content. GPro’s user community of over 49,000 people supplies the nearly 150,000 TAB pieces on the site. The site does not show any TABs, instead you have to download them, which is not great if you want to see the product before downloading (even if it’s free).
Payment Model: Membership to GPROTAB is free, but there are rules of the game.

AZ Chords
This site does not have 2,000,000+ songs, in fact, it is pretty spare. However, the site does have some great bands listed and a surprising number of bass TABs (I didn’t expect to find Bass TAB for Bob Dylan songs). A nice feature are the tabs at the top that lead you to different TABs.
Payment Model: Free