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It’s sooooo cold! It’s the middle of winter, it makes you cold just thinking about getting out of bed. And, on top of it all, you have to teach guitar! Fortunately, there are a ton of hot, summer songs for guitar. They’re easy, fun and they will make your classroom guitar program the hottest place in school!

Wipe Out

This classic has a melody that is etched into everyone’s ears and it screams hot summer! This tab can be played over a I – IV – V in the key of E. If you have a ringer in your guitar class, set her to work. If not, you have to do the heavy lifting – don’t wipe out! Bonus points if you can get someone in to play drums or percussion.

Summer of ’69

This classic song from the ’80s has a super-simple chugging verse. Warning, there is a Bm in the chorus. If your class has trouble, play the whole song using power chords. Also, don’t let the A# chord in the bridge; someone forgot to write Bb.

Surfin’ USA

This classic beach boys song has classic guitar chords. You just need I-IV-V for play this song. The chords are super-easy. If your class has trouble with B7, try playing the song using power chords or switch to the key of G (G, C, D). The faster you play this one, the hotter your class will get.

The Boys of Summer

This Don Henley song from the ’80s is dark and sultry. The chords are all open and the song begins with a dark E minor. When we hit the G chord in the chorus, it’s like the summer sun rising because G is the relative major of E minor. This is a great song for you to flex your music theory knowledge and show your class how a little theory goes a long way.

In the Summertime

Folky, bluesy, dee dee dee dee. This is fun, laid-back song will make you feel like you’ve gone to a beach party. The chords are – you guessed it – I – IV – V in the key of E. The lyrics are a bit of a throw back – please don’t be offended. Let your class have fun and have a bunch of them take on the “Ch, ch, ch” rhythm part!

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