Glen McCarthy
A lot of Elementary school teachers ask me if they should teach classroom guitar. The answer I give them is a definitive, “Heck Yeah!”. If you’re one of those teachers who doubts whether guitar could be used effectively in your music classroom, consider this:

1. There’s no better way to teach music fundamentals.
Guitar has it all: lead lines, accompaniment (for others and yourself), ensemble work – you name it, guitar has got it. You can’t get all that with wind, brass or stringed instruments like violin or cello.

2. Using guitar for a “hands on” experience will engage your students.
Guitars are durable, intuitive and simple. Try passing a bunch of tubas and cellos around your class. It will take you half an hour to teach your class how to approach those instruments. And because guitars are so much less expensive than most school music instruments you’ll probably have enough instruments for all those little hands!

3. You and your students can make music in minutes.
If you want to make really quick work of it, try one-finger chords. You will have your Elementary kids – young as can be – making music within 5 minutes!

(He’s got the right idea – I’m a fan of Star Trek, too!)

4. Teaching simple chords to play folk songs and contemporary literature will have your students excited to come back to music class.
See the Trekky video above; you can play plenty of songs with just one finger. In a world of instant gratification, guitar is the closest you’ll ever get to people making music quickly. And sounding competent is not that far behind. Check out these one finger chords!

5. From just a few classes to more advanced studies guitar can be your secret to success.

Still don’t think you can do it? Then attend a Teaching Guitar Workshop this summer. You’ll gain the skills and the confidence you need to teach a successful classroom guitar program….for Elementary School, Middle School, High School or even University level!