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It’s getting dark earlier, you’re tired, your throat is sore…well look on the bright side. What do you have to be thankful for?
1. You’re a guitar teacher.
2. You have admiring and adoring students.
3. There’s tons of great music out there that is about giving thanks.

Here are five songs that your class will eat up! Check’em out.


Dido – Thank You

This is a great song for practicing open chords. The toughest chord you’ll find in this song is an F – Thank You, Dido!


Sister Sledge – We Are Family

Be thankful that this song has easy, open chords, as well! Have someone in class play Bass. Instead of A – G – D – F – G in the Chorus, tell your bass player to swap out the D for an F# and be thankful for the added color.


Bill Withers – Lean on Me

Another song that will remind you that you to be thankful for the good people in your life. Pick a key, any key and play I – IV – V, you’ve pretty much got the chords for “Lean on Me”!


The Beatles – In My Life

A perfect song about being thankful for the people and things that make life great. The chords change pretty quickly + watch out for the c minor. Extra credit if your students can name all 4 Beatles!


Led Zeppelin – Thank You

No explicit thanks are given in the lyrics, but if you introduce your guitar students to Led Zeppelin, they’ll thank you! Check out the easy chords and watch out for the b minor.