It would be extremely handy to rent a time machine and drop in on live performances by Page and Hendrix, just in time for the solo. There’s really no better way for your students to learn the art of soloing than to see and hear the performance as it happens. But since that’s not (yet) possible, we’d like to offer you some

links to a few highly inspirational live performances below:

1. Richard Fortus and Slash 
Few solos are as memorable in a mainstream kind of way as this one, courtesy of Slash. Guns N’ Roses have inspired more than a few men and women to pick up the guitar, to be sure.

2. Joe Satriani
In this performance, Satriani gives us a master class in composure and cool. It’s easy to see why greats like Mick Jagger and Deep Purple have tapped him to play lead guitar for their tours. Give students extra credit for playing with their teeth.

3. Zakk Wylde
This solo will make you want to do your finger dexterity reps and at least 500 push-ups. Wylde played for Ozzy Ozborne and Black Label Society. Another toothy player.

4. Jimmy Page
This is why we use the word “legend” before certain guitarists’ names. Rockers like Page, a true showman in his day, certainly earned it.

5. Jack White 
The guy plays until his fingers bleed. Need we say more?

6. Jimi Hendrix
This solo might make you want to quit guitar altogether and take up the clarinet. But don’t let it.

7. Mike Dawes
If you were thinking, by chance, “where are the acoustic solos? I’m supposed to learn on acoustic. Well, here you go! So pretty it hurts, this solo will get you thinking of new ways to use your instrument.