Props can be anything from the latest guitar gear and storage to visual aids that keep your students engaged throughout class. They’re the details that can set a “pretty good” class apart from a memorable one. Below are seven examples of props that can do just that.

1. An acoustic-electric guitar
Whether you want to demo a song that calls for an electric guitar, or you just want to plug in to get everyone’s attention, an acoustic-electric will allow you that flexibility. Here’s a Taylor:

2. A top-notch capo
Gear should be light and make your demos go smoothly – otherwise, it’s probably just extra clutter. Consider budgeting for a top-of-the-line capo. Check out these capo reviews:

3. Digital music stands
If you’re venturing into the world of digital music books, you’ll need the right stands to go with them. Smartstand is just one brand that can put your devices at eye level.

4. An eye-catching guitar strap
Guitar straps are not boring. Check out Levy’s Leathers art deco straps and play some music from the 20s:

5. Smarter guitar storage
For a budget-friendly price, you can purchase a few of these guitar racks. There are plenty of options out there if you prefer a larger storage unit, but these are lightweight and highly-rated. Keep those instruments in pristine playing condition:

6. A Guitar Wheel
You don’t need to haul a heavy book to class just to introduce your students to music theory. The Guitar Wheel’s got it all in a compact, easy-to-use frame.

7. Cool visual aids a.k.a. “décor”
Posters not only liven up your teaching space, they can serve as educational tools as well. Here’s a cool find – “A Visual Compendium of Guitars”.