Some days it’s hard to be a music teacher. Class got cut short; your students were in space; you left your lesson plan at home. In times like these you need a little something to make you smile and remind you why you’re here in the first place: you really, really like the guitar.

1. Multi Tool from Ibanez

The Scout in you is giving you a big thumbs up. Keeping this guitar multi tool within reach will ensure you’ll never have to interrupt class too long for a fix.

2. Custom Guitar Picks from rememberwynn (via Etsy)
Choose your color and your inspiration for these custom guitar picks (“I pick you” seems like the most popular).

3. The Vintage Delux Machine Head from Grover
This machine head will help you keep your guitar tuned up in all-out Rockabilly splendor.

4. Leather Guitar Cases from Whipping + Post
They look like Indiana Jones might keep an ancient guitar in, but there’s a reason these cases keep selling out! Check back in and choose the hue that suits you best…

5. Acoustic Guitar Cell Phone Case

Not actually for your guitar, but guitar-themed, anyway. The same design is available for the iPhone 4 & 5 as well – shop around!

6. DIY Guitar Tattoos from Instructables

If you’ve always wanted a tattoo but never worked up the courage, here’s a fun compromise.

7. Guitar Strap from couchguitarstraps (via Etsy)
This strap would not have stood a chance before the internet, but you must admit, this is pretty awesome. Not a fan of felines? An equally awesome wolf strap is available (among others) by the same merchant.

8. Colored Strings from Strings by Arora

On a rainy day in February, nothing will cut through the gray like bright, aqua-colored guitar strings.