Being a musician helps you see patterns. So, after years of teachers telling us that they wanted more guitar sheet music for their classroom guitar programs, we started to see a pattern. Eureka! All you can eat guitar music. Step up to the buffet and start getting some ideas for your classroom.

* Steve Kaufman – Flatpik Central – some great downloads here – chords, leads, and TAB. Steve also has some bonus downloads like blank chord charts and TAB manuscript paper.

* Guitar Downunder – this site has some awesome downloads! The site has Guitar Ensemble Music – always a bonus – in a variety of styles, TABs, Classical, and others. This is definitely a bookmark worthy site.

* Derek Halstead – where else can you find Guitar Ensemble Music for 2, 3, 4….and 24 guitars! Darn.

* The Guitar School – has ensemble music for 2, 3, and 4 guitars. It also has a couple of methods for younger guitarist – written in what I think is a Nordic language, don’t be intimidated.

* Jerry Snyder – We use Jerry’s books at Teaching Guitar Workshops, so we’re big fans. Jerry has a couple of guitar ensemble books – get over to a store and check them out! He also has some cool resources like How to Practice and Testing Criteron, as well as a bunch of links of his own.

* Class Guitar Resources – We use CGR, as well. They’re great in terms of writing for the classroom and they support TGW which is awesome!

* Hal Leonard – If you want sheet music, Hal Leonard is an obvious choice. We use their books and they support TGW, so they’re super cool.

* FJH – they’re another great publisher that we use and that supports us. They do awesome stuff as well.

* Del Camp – There’s an amazing array of sheet music on this site and all of it is free. You can break these pieces up into ensembles for your classes – no problem.

* Thomas Konigs – fortunately they wrote Free Downloads in English – what does that say about English speaking people? There are pieces for free and for purchase. Some may feel a bit complicated, but try breaking them up and let your ensembles go for it.

* Forest Guitar Ensembles – this site is so awesome that it graded its downloads by difficulty. And it offers MP3s of the pieces in case you want to play them for your class. Choose from 2, 3, 4, 5 guitars or guitar orchestra – does your guitar program have a bass player? Now is the time to start thinking about it.

* Free Guitar Ensemble Music – Bill Swick is a good friend and he’s about as prolific as they come. Check out his selection of guitar ensemble music – you can buy or download it. Bill is also currently in the trenches teaching classroom guitar full time, so he knows the kind of music that gets kids playing.

* 8 Notes – OK, Ave Maria right next to La Bamba – that’s the way I spell AWESOME! If you want your sheet music to print to pdfs it will cost you, but if you’re fine with gifs, pull your seat up to the table!

* Funky Bear Music – Awesome beginner pdfs and a Bach Invention to boot (don’t be offended that the Bear changed the key from C to D).

* GuitarCurriculum.com – I wish we had this URL – oh well. They offer tons of sheet music – all classical – that is graded for difficulty. The downloads also include mixed pieces for all of you who have some great players and other not-so-great players in the same class. You can do a free-trial, but after that you gotta pay.

Do you know a great guitar site? Then let us know in the comments.