Guitar with a Capo
We spend a lot of time talking about capos during the Teaching Guitar Workshops because they are an awesome tool! Capos create an artificial barre chord that effectively changes the position of the nut on your guitar. So if you and/or your guitar class are having trouble with barre chords, you might want to think about using a capo.

If you don’t know much about capos, watch these videos. You will be a capo master in about 35 minutes. We also have a great video playlist packed with easy songs that you and your class can play with a capo at the end of this post.

Justin knows everything about guitar and sure enough he’s got a video about capos. This is a great primer on what a capo is, how to use the capo, etc. (even though Justin doesn’t pronounce capo the way I do).

Guitar Lessons 365 goes a little deeper with the capo. This video will show you why capos are an integral tool for every guitarist.

Free Guitar Videos shows you how to use capos to get different voicings for chords on guitars. This is especially useful in a classroom setting or if you’re in a band with two or more guitars.

Not all capos are created equal. This video from Martin Guitars talks about capos and tension. Some capos have set tension and others have adjustable tension. Also, never put your capo on the headstock of the guitar…disaster awaits!

Guitar Tricks has a video about Partial Capos – what? Using one of these gadgets allows you to simulate crazy open guitar tunings without arduous re-tunings. This is a great tool for improvising and composing as the new harmonies will surprise and inspire you. Go the easy road and buy a partial capo or go at your capo with a hacksaw like the lady in this video (…not recommended).

By now you’re a believer, so it’s appropriate that Worship Guitar Class reviews 9 capos for you. There are actually a lot of pros and cons and different price points for capos – including the DIY capo that uses a rubber band and a pencil – so listen up.

Now you’re ready grasshopper. Here are 25 Great Songs to Learn Using a Capo.

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