Batman’s utility belt had all sorts of little gadgets that helped him save the world. There were bat cables, bat ropes…even bat-shark repellent (think Adam West). Well, what happens when disaster strikes your guitar class? Keeping your guitar class running smoothly means having a Guitar-Class Utility Belt of your own. Here are a few items that every guitar teacher needs to stock in his/her utility belt to get you out of most jams.

Extra picks
Students always need picks. Have a few extras on hand for when your students come to class without them. Some teachers also charge $0.25 per pick. It keeps the supply up and makes students accountable. If you don’t know which picks to buy, stick with a medium to hard standard pick. If you’re interested in experimenting, check out demystifying picks.

Extra Strings
Don’t let your students try to get around on less than six strings. Stock at least 2 dozen sets of each string – you might want even more D strings!!! Take a note from above and charge your kids a little bit to support your string buying habit and teach accountability.

Peg Winder
Note the above. Your forearm will be ripped by the end of the week if you don’t have one of these babies to help you wind the strings. Peg winders are cheap and take a lot of the time, pain, and suffering out of changing strings.

Nail Clipper and Files
If the nails on your left-hand (and the hands of your students) are not cut short, you’re going to have trouble getting a good tone. Stock a nail clipper in case of a nail emergency. In the case of finger pickers, right hand nails may require filing. Note: you might want some hand sanitizer around.

Wood Glue
Don’t let this happen to you. If a guitar takes some damage in the course of the class, you may be able to do a quick repair with some wood glue. If there’s considerable damage, don’t be a hero; consult a guitar tech.

Bill Swick recommends a suite of tools to get you through the day. Among other things you might want to keep a phillips head screwdriver, long-nose pliers, and assorted Allen wrenches.