Rob GoldsmithBriefly describe one or more of your guitar teaching jobs.
I taught middle school guitar for 13 years. I taught a 3 level program with 5 classes daily (2 beginning, 2 intermediate and 1 advanced). Each class had 25-40 students. I have also taught beginning guitar at the community college level, as well as guitar methods to university music ed students.

What is your favorite thing about teaching classroom guitar? Why?
My favorite thing about teaching guitar was being able to teach only one instrument all day, which happened to be my primary instrument.

What are your 3 favorite lessons to teach at TGW?
1) Barre chords – definitely
2) “No-fault” improvisation – so much fun
3) Finger style accompaniment patterns – my sweet spot

What are the top 2 reasons for a teacher to start a guitar program?
1) Recruitment is easy and your students want to learn!
2) It will raise your “cool factor”!! There’s nothing like seeing the heads turn when you walk into your school the first time with a guitar on your back.

What are the top 2 reasons for a teacher to attend TGW?
1) Great instruction – mainly my colleagues 😉
2) Great materials – stacks of books, accessories…it’s all there!

What is one thing everyone will walk away with from TGW?
You will get a great overview of how to teach beginning guitar and so much more!

Rob Goldsmith will be teaching in:
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lexington, Kentucky
Birmingham, Alabama