Ani Difranco @ Ancienne Belgique 11.10.07 - Erinc Salor via Flickr Creative Commons
As a musician, Ani DiFranco has earned the respect of an international audience, critics and the likes of Prince. Through her unapologetically direct songs, DiFranco has also earned a place as a noted feminist and social activist. Her style may best be defined as “folk rock,” but she’d probably defy your definition. She’s been rocking for more than 25 years with no signs of stopping. For all these reasons, DiFranco is more than worthy of introducing to your guitar class. See if you can play along – keep up – with Ani:

DiFranco Quick Facts
→Born September 23, 1970, in Buffalo, NY
→Started playing gigs in her early teens
→Launched her own record company at age 18
→Known for her fingerpicking skills, as well as her alternate tunings
→A published poet
→Released a studio album almost every year between 1990-2008
→Has won numerous awards, including the Woodie Guthrie award, and has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards

DiFranco Songs/Live Performances
“Out of Range”

“As Is”


“Which Side are you On” with Bruce Cockburn:

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