If you haven’t heard of Bert Jansch, you’re not alone. But many musicians of legendary status call Jansch an inspiration. This finger picking master has influenced the likes of Paul Simon, Jimmy Page, Neil Young and Fleet Foxes, just to name a few. Introduce your students to this true guitarist’s guitarist. Pitchfork Magazine types everywhere will be impressed by their – and your – deep musical knowledge!

Jansch Quick Facts
• Last name pronounced “Yansh” by most people; pronounced “Jansh” by…Bert Jansch
• Of German decent, born and raised in Scotland
• Started playing the guitar in his teens
• Played solo, with the bands Pentangle and Conundrum and on various collaborations
• Playing style was decidedly folk

Jansch Live Performances
A recent live performance of “Blues Run the Game”:

Jansch, in his heyday. “Lady Nothing” and three more:

“Travelling Man,” live in 1973:

Birthday Concert:

Jimmy Page playing “Black Mountain Side,” inspired by Jansch’s “Black Waterside”:

Jansch Resources
Official website:

A great documentary clip of Bert Jansch:

Bert Jansch tabs with rhythm:

Tips from Bert Jansch:

How to play “Black Waterside”: