We’re pretty guitar-focused here, but guitars don’t exist in a bubble. Where would we be without bass, drums, fiddles, and banjos? This post is dedicated to our little friend the Ukulele!

Quick Facts:
• Ukes have four strings (G, C, E, and A)
• Originated in Hawaii in the 19th Century
• Looks like a guitar – sound hole, strings, frets, etc.
• Ukulele means, “Jumping Flea”

Ukuleles are great for small hands, so elementary school teachers can have lots of fun. With just four strings and a smaller body, it is a little less intimidating than a steel string guitar.

Here’s a great introduction to Ukulele playing from the Ukulele Underground. It covers tuning, strumming, some chords, and more.

Ukes are easy to play, start up costs are low, and there are plenty of tools available. Visit Ukuguides for chord charts, history, tips, and more.

Img – Ukuguides.com

There are apps like Ukulele! available for free and Learning Ukulele in 7 Days (if you can spare $2.99 and a week) for iPhone.

Ukulele Karaoke
Ukulele itself is a fun loving sister of guitar and it is an easy instrument for the wanna-be be players. It is an inspirational instrument capable of cheering most anyone up and it’s small size makes it incredibly portable and versatile: the perfect instrument for the summer parties! Check out this app from 4Chords/Musopia

Uke for Guitar Players
eMedia published a Ukulele For Guitar Players DVD steps you through a primer covering everything you need to know about different types of ukuleles, tunings and fingerings — adapting what you likely already know about guitar to the ukulele. If you are not a guitar player, you’re still in the right place.

Full Disclosure: eMedia and 4Chords/Musopia are strong supporters of Teaching Guitar Workshops, making them super-cool!