Rob Pethel Warm Up Video

In this video Rob Pethel demonstrates a warm up pattern for playing a major scale on a single string. Other benefits:
• The scale pattern is the same on all six strings, so students will hear/play five major scales (and E major in twice)!
• Rob’s pattern requires that students move to the 12th fret, move their hands along the fretboard, and utilize different fingers.
• The pattern introduces students to half steps and whole steps.

Shelley Brobst Warm Up Video

In this video Shelley Brobst demonstrates a warm up for the class with an i – m pattern that emphasizes right and left hand coordination. The video is great for getting your class in shape!
• Stretching hands, wrists and fingers.
• Alternating i-m picking
• Exploring the fretboard.
• Covering 6 strings.